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Security Advisory


Hoteles MX, wishes to alert our clients about the existence of possibly fraudulent communications through websites, WhatsApp or email, offering lodging services and/or social events that are NOT issued by us.

Scammers use deception by impersonating Grupo Posadas employees and request deposits or provide banking information that does NOT belong to the company.

Important to take into account the following:

Hoteles MX DOES NOT request advance payments or bank account information, unless the client requires to guarantee or pay for a reservation through deposit or bank transfer.

We DO NOT receive deposits or transfers through convenience stores (Oxxo, Eleven, Pharmacies, etc.). We only provide information for bank transfers or traditional bank accounts when the client wishes to prepay their stay, always in the name of commercial companies that own the hotel.

Recommendations to avoid fraud:

Write the address of the official website of our hotels.

Do not open emails or links from unofficial email accounts.

Be wary of links shared through WhatsApp, email or social networks.

Remember that there are other travel agencies and wholesalers that also offer accommodation services, so you must verify their authenticity and identity verification processes before making contracts or money transfers.

Our official means of contact are:

WhatsApp line +52 55 5501 7188

Customer service email:   [email protected]


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